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Fall of Dhaka - an Indian Confession Abdullah Muntazir

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Anwar Mahmood


04 May, 2007

The dogs will bark, the snakes will bite

Just enjoy my poem, which has apeared on several international sights and goes as such: The dogs will bark The snakes will bite Through endless time Just watch them right About half breed Rahul This Anwar speaks What he wants now And what he seeks Generations come Generations go But hateful at heart Just hate, they know My dear Paks My heart’s delight Just watch carefully With guardful sight And while you touch A rose as such It has the thorn To cut you much So, take the heed Before you bleed Tasneem Aslam lady Has cautioned the need United you get And don’t forget There can be danger From one still stranger The friend you trust And more you must The friend that’s true Is within you The friend will dare And more he’ll care For fellow Pak’s None else, no where So stay united Get each one sighted For need and help You act delighted That fool and king Will bite and sting But unity saves you With flying wings That Tasneem Aslam lady She talks delish She tells you right About truth you wish Anwar Mahmood P.Eng (Gas Consultant) Calgary, Canada. Posted by Anwar Mahmood, Canada



04 May, 2007

Full Bangla Story

Rahul is just a child who does not know any of these- 1. It was Pak which tried to impose Urdu on unwilling Bengalis. 2. It was Pak which denied their elected govt. in Pak, which had won a majority. 3. It was Pak which attacked north Indian bases about 1500 kilometers away from Bengal to crush India basing on its perception that Indians may act in Bangladesh. 4. India was under US pressure not to act in Bangladesh and kept saying that it is Pak's internal matter. Pak army is supposed to have killed so many Bengalis and raped many Bengali ladies. There was an influx of refugees with which India could not have dealt for long or else all of Bangladesh would have come into India. India is still paying the price of changed demographics due to Bengali influx in form of troubles in Assam. Pakistani air attack on Ambala, Pathankot, Chandigarh, etc on 3rd Dec. 71, which Pak was confident of winning due to American jets and tanks, made India decide at midnight of 3rd Dec, 1971 to finish off the matter by retaliating the attack. Needless to say that American jets and tanks did almost nothing for Pak and India finished the war in 14 days. I can see that that all the blunders came from Pakistan, not from India. Pakistani establishment, army, media and textbooks all misguide its people about facts about Bangladesh episode.



04 May, 2007

United Pakistan !!

Author is suggesting about uniting Bangladesh and Pakistan, but what he's currently unaware is that there's already a consent and proposal between European and American political system to divide Pakistan further form its current state to five different states!!

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