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U.S. Objectives & Middle East Revolts

05 September, 2011

By Zaheerul Hassan

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The chromic Middle East (M.E) crises "Arab-Israel dispute" in world affairs has become a basic assumption in International affairs as far as the Middle East is concerned. Apart from various guerrilla activities Middle East has faced two major wars of 1967 and 1973. USA directly or indirectly played her role in resolving the issue while keeping Israeli interests on forefront. Thus, role of U.S. remained controversial in the general masses of Middle East countries since Israel proved itself as main hindrance in durable peace arrangements. Number of former presidents like Nasir, Asad, and Gaddafi have cashed anti Americanism sentiments in their respective nations and also remained successful in running their governments for decayed. U.S. has restated her strategic objectives in Middles East just after disintegration of Soviet Union. However the conventional reason usually given for American involvement in the peace process is that it arises from the second Gulf war in 1991 when the U.S. led and UN-authorized multinational coalition forced Iraq to abandon its Annexation of Kuwait.

It's very well known established facts that Iraq, Iran, Egypt Syria and Libya were almost totally against the American policies in Middle East. Therefore, just after cold war probably America has decided the fragmentation of Arab states. The main objectives of the US were: (1) US quest and control of M.E oil (2) US emerged as a super power so has to be confirmed by all regional or extra regional powers (3) Israeli strategic importance need to be acknowledged by the rest of the Arab states (4) Guarding Israel interest at all cost since U.S. domestic economical sakes directly depends upon Jewish capitalists (5) Gain support from the Arab World for the implementation of U.S. policies in M.E.

In fact, U.S. intelligentsia covertly kept on promoting and encouraging alternative political leadership and local groups in Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Syria and Palestine Liberation Organization. U.S. The purpose of supporting these small opposing groups was to keep the rulers of Arab countries under pressure so that the safety and security of Israel would be ensured while using the principle of divide and rule.

In 2002, CIA prepared fake Intelligence reports and pushed the government to go for hunting of her first target i.e. Iraq. In this connection White House released the entire key judgments section of the Top Secret October 2002 national intelligence estimate on the subject. It concluded that Iraq continued its weapons of mass destruction (WMD) programs despite U.N. resolutions and sanctions and that it was in possession of chemical and biological weapons as well as missiles with ranges exceeding U.N. imposed limits. Iraq has also been alleged for reconstituting of its nuclear weapons program and, if left unchecked would probably have a nuclear weapon before the end of the decade - assuming it had to produce the fissile material indigenously. If Iraq could acquire sufficient fissile material from abroad it could construct a nuclear weapon within several months to a year, the estimate reported.

In April 2004 CIA reporting on the issue has been proved fictitious and it was declared that Iraq was not in possession of WMD. However, during that catamenia U.S attacked Iraq and hanged President Sadam for no reasons. In continuation of her operation against terrorism, Washington landed her forces in Afghanistan but still unable to consolidate her control over the complete area despite laying life of her six thousand soldiers and spending trillions of dollars. In the early and later halves of 2010 and 2011, U.S. stepped in Egypt and Libyan's internal affairs and supported the oppositions in removal of Dr. Hussani and Qaddafi regimes. Interestingly, just back in 2009 U.S. leadership was enjoying good ties with Qaddafi. In this regard WikiLeaks cables disclosed that in August 2009 meeting between Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and his son and national security adviser, Muatassim, with U.S. Republican Senators John McCain (Arizona), Lindsey Graham (South Carolina), Susan Collins (Maine) and Connecticut "independent" Joe Lieberma has been held. In this meeting McCain took the lead in currying favor with the Gaddafis. According to the embassy cable, he "assured" them that "the United States wanted to provide Libya with the equipment it needs for its security" and "pledged to see what he could do to move things forward in Congress."

But later on, U.S., first overthrew Dr Hussani and then Gaddafi with a view to establish outright semi-colonial control over the energy-rich country "Libya". Moreover, U.S. and her allied countries probably considered that Libyan patron of relationship and closer ties with Russia and China and the threat of replacing the euro and dollar with a "gold dinar" would be were very scourging for them . Thus, NATO and U.S. forces in the initial phase carried out AIR Strikes against Libyan air defence system and other military establishment. NATO also provided air support to rebels advancing toward the capital, but the closer rebels get to Tripoli, a metropolis of roughly two millions people, the higher. American again remained successful in removing Gaddafi and destruction of Libyans' defence capabilities.

As international leaders prepared to gather in Paris on September 1, 2011 to graph the course of Libya's political transition, Russia and almost 60 countries also recognized the National Transitional Council (NTC) as the government of Libya. However Russia had opposed the NATO-led bombing campaign that helped topple Muammar al-Qaddafi, criticizing it for exceeding its mandate under a U.N. Security Council resolution, and calling for a negotiated solution to the conflict. French President also urged the European and international allies to Libyan funds and assets deposited in their banks.

The darkest aspect of ongoing Middle East Issue is that now U.S. started meddling in Syrian affairs. In this regards she is supporting Syrian dissident those have formed a national council to lead the opposition to Bashar al-Assad's regime. Western media also propagating that the al-Assad regime is accused of attacking demonstrators in an effort to crush a pro-democracy movement that emerged in the aftermath of similar protests throughout North Africa and the Middle East in the so-called "Arab spring" of 2011. Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the United States and its European allies on the U.N. Security Council began circulating a draft resolution that calls for tough sanctions against al-Assad and other top Syrian officials. "The resolution includes an arms embargo, travel ban and asset freeze on individuals and entities who are responsible for what is happening," British Deputy Ambassador Phillip Parham told reporters. But the draft resolution calls for sanctions against 23 individuals and four companies. However, Russia, Pakistan, Brazil, China, India and South Africa also expressed reservations and revealed that it's not the time to imposed sanctions against Syria. On the other hands, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated that recently that the international community joined together to denounce the Syrian regime's horrific violence. President Obama also repeatedly asked al-Assad to step down and leave this transition to the Syrians themselves.

In short, we can conclude that U.S. true and basic motives behind the recent revolts to straighten Israeli hold over the region and pose threat to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and others countries those are devoid of democracy. American leadership also trying to lessen the French and Russian influences in the Middle East because of since U.S. desire of display of superiority as single super global power should stay as unchallenged because of the history of USA involvement in the Middle East especially its effects on domestic policy since US public opinion has been strongly and consistency in favour of U.S. support for Israel.

U.S. policy makers should also think that whether the current Middle East revolts would facilitate the U.S supported governments to adopt soft attitude towards its son "Israel". The probable answer to the revealed query would be "negative" because the masses of M.E. would never like to support U.S. and Israel over Palestine. However, the revolt would emerge as the largest potent threat to M.E. dictatorship and monarchism. In brief U.S. open support to Zionism has become danger to the global peace. It would not be wrong in saying that CIA and Mossad collation is the lethal combination of the world intelligentsia. CIA and Mossad have carried out many operations in elimination of Palestinian leaders. In my opinion there are likely chances that U.S. after tackling Syria will exploit weakness of Kingship in Saudi Arabia and other Arab states for playing next episode of her drama serial "introducing democracy in the M.E. states". India would be be one of the main U.S. ally in crating unrest in Saudi Arabia and UAE states.

In this context Indian ingress in the name of culture and trade activities in the said states are very alarming and need to be watched with open eyes. OIC should hold a meeting and read the underline of American, Indian and Israeli interferences in Muslim countries. The organization should devise a plan of creating unity, boosting economy through, development, restoration of human rights, introducing visa free policy between Islamic countries. At the same time there is a need to exhibit soft image of the Islamic countries between Muslim and western masses.

Anyhow, global community should also raise the voice against American interferences and asked her to curtail her discriminatory policies towards Muslims. U.S. should also know that her sliver-bullet solution would not be acceptable to the players of Middle East and South Asia too. Arab countries should shift their funds from Western to the local or Islamic banks so that danger of freezing their accounts could be minimized. Western countries should also know that intensifying of troikas' (U.S. Israel & India) interferences in internal affairs of Muslim countries might force OIC to put another oil embargo as similar of 1973.

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