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The Price of Lies!

12 September, 2011

By Dr. Anwar Ul Haque

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Are lies without price? Certainly not! The last and the final messenger and prophet of Allah said that truth brings life while falsehood death. This fact can be seen in case of 9/11 which is undoubtedly fraud of the millennium. It brought death and destruction for not only Afghans and Pakistanis but also for Americans and Europeans in terms of both personnel losses & injuries but also in terms of ruining of economy.

It is really amazing that blatant and baseless lies after lies are spread through the strength of media taking the advantage of the fact that most Europeans and Americans do not have enough time and energy to seriously think and analyze.

Some writers are sarcastically writing that NOW the Muslim writes are distancing themselves away from terrorism and are not supporting terrorist acts such as 9/11. Nothing could be farthest from truth. I myself happen to be the very first writer who wrote the article while building still were coming down condemning the act of  terrorism and squarely and categorically holding Israel responsible for it and saying that such destruction of buildings can not happen with simple airplane hit. 

My article was carried by INN and spread throughout the world. I had sent same article to Mr. Adeeb who incorporated my findings and remarks in his own article and that also reached to the media and some regarded that one as the first article on this allegation. We actually broke the conspiracy theory which was ascribed tactfully to Muslims. An blatant Israeli act was assigned to Muslims and under the umbrella of this blatant lie a war of terror was launched. Unfortunately our corrupt, incompetent and puppet military leadership which had toppled civilian Government became part and parcel of this grave war of terrorism

The Jews had acknowledged my article and they interviewed me and quoted in Book titled "Preachers of Hate". Instead of being feeling ashamed, their arrogance and idiocy led them to blame others for their crime; a trait inherited by them for thousands of years. In the cotemporary history there are numerous other examples including Lavon affair and blatant terrorist attack on USS Liberty.

Very few people remember that World Trade Center was attacked before too that is on 26th February 1993. That time the culprit was Josie Hadas a known Israeli Mossad agent. Her apartment carrying the bomb material and drawings were shown on CNN breaking news. However subsequently she was silently sent to Israel. No action was taken against her at all. On the other hand she had used an innocent Palestinian origin driver Salameh to rent a van for her. She used that van to carry out blast. Poor Salameh did not know her intentions. Since then Salameh is behind the bar just like Dr. Aafia Siddiqui virtually for life. Not only Salameh but entire Islam and all Muslims were held hostage in USA.

9/11 was a booster day. The drama was planned but it was brought forward as Muslims for the first time in history were going to hold massive demonstrations in USA, UK, France and Australia against the Shatilla an Sabira camp massacres by Aerial Sharon in which more than 3500 innocent Palestinian women were buttered. Israel by doing 9/11 4-5 days before those processions in which Israel would have been made naked put Muslims on defensive and owing to great hype created by Zionist media all over the world they were forced to cancel the demonstration.

Yesterday a totally insane Altaf Hussain spoke for about 4 hours continuously on all Pakistan channels without commercial breaks and news. He was dancing singing and showed utter disrespect for Quran-e-Majeed, Kalima Tayyaba, Islam and Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. He was blatantly lying such as that they did not take out processions against Chief Justice and that they did not put containers and did not block the road. The fact is that Musharraf and Uncle SAM provided full encouragement and support to do Karachi carnage on May 12. MQM killed point blank peaceful people in the caravans for welcome of Chief Justice. One terrorist Ajmal Pahari accepted the charge of killing many among those include Advocate Iqbal Ra’d who was defending Nawaz Sharif in plane hijack case. A day before his day light murder on Friday afternoon he had said that he will prove in the court that airplane hijack was a CIA orchestrated drama to topple Nawaz Sharif and bring Musharraf in power. This again shows how CIA and Mossad are running Pakistan.

While Osama had condemned 9/11 in an interview to Ummat newspaper of Karachi on 28th September 2011, and had categorically said that Islam does not permit killing of innocent human beings even in war and the fact that a senior BBC anchorperson had said that there is no such thing as al-Qaeeda and it is a phantom enemy created to justify wars. And the fact that an Israeli defense person Rita Kataz make all so called al-Qaeed CDs using old clips of Osama and also using various actors it must be known to all of us that the leis are not without price.

Pakistan is paying dearly for supporting the lies. Afghanistan had stood bold and courageous and has fought against all odds giving enormous sacrifices and American and Europeans are paying in terms of personnel and economy devastation.

It is high time that we realize that this war of terror is against Allah’s final book i.e. Quran e Majeed as Zionists see their death in this book and they see liberation of America and Europe and other countries through this book. This is their final war and they are bound to be badly defeated.


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