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Rules of Engagement for America’s Victims

19 May, 2008

By Anwaar Hussain

If by a quirk of fate, America’s victim nations get together, pronounce ‘enough is enough’ and proceed to invade and occupy America, what would their Rules of Engagement be during the occupation. The scribe has chalked out just a few on the exact same lines as America has them for her forces in Iraq. Here is how these go;  

GENERAL GUIDANCE: This establishes the Rules of Engagement (ROE) for all the Victim Nations’ Forces (VICFORs) operating within the geographical confines of their former tormentor, the United States of America. Those forces not under immediate threat from the USA may establish more restrictive ROE in accordance with their national caveats. Conflicting ROE will be addressed on a case-by-case basis by the Victim Nations Central Command (VENTCOM). (To avoid any confusion, special attention must be given to Further Explanation (FE) given within the brackets at the end of most of the ROE)

VICTIMS’ NATIONS’ (VICNATs) NATIONAL POLICY. The VICNATs National Policy is to take the initiative within the limits allowed by these ROE during the occupation of the United States of America.

VICNATs MILITARY POLICY. # Commanders have the inherent authority and obligation to use all necessary means available and to take all appropriate action in self defense against the roving bands of former US Military Forces (FE: emphasis added on the word ‘roving’ and not on words ‘military’ and ‘forces’).

# Inside the geographical confines of the United States of America strikes on infrastructure, lines of communication and economic objects should, to the extent possible, disable and disrupt rather than destroy (FE: a wanton destruction in the heat of the moment may be overlooked on a case-by-case basis).

# Civilian structures, especially cultural and historic buildings in cities like Washington D.C., New York and Boston are protected structures (FE: Not in cities like Los Angeles and San Fransisco that the VENTCOM does not fancy). Additionally, nonmilitary structures, civilian population centers, churches and other religious places, hospitals and facilities displaying the red cross, are also protected structures and will not be attacked except when they are being used for military purposes (FE: which they often will be).

ROE POLICY. The ROE in this message are effective for the duration of operations within the geographical confines of United States of America, as determined by VICNATs commanders or until rescinded or amended by competent authority (FE: no such competent authority either exists or is foreseen for the duration of the occupation).

APPLICABILITY. ROE, policies, guidance, and taskings in this message are applicable to all VICFORs assigned to, or under the operational or tactical command and control of VENTCOM while conducting military operations within the geographical confines of United States of America.

DECLARED HOSTILE FORCES. # Commander VENTCOM has designated certain American military and paramilitary forces as declared hostile forces. (FE: former regime security forces, conventional and/or unconventional air, ground, and naval forces)

# Since the end of major combat operations, these forces have transitioned from overt conventional resistance to insurgent methods of resistance. This declaration continues to apply to former United States Military and Paramilitary personnel who are operating as insurgent individuals or groups that continue hostilities against the VICNATs installed American Government. These individuals and/or groups may be engaged and destroyed.

# Hostile armaments, munitions, and equipment are also included in this category.

# The following organizations have been identified as military forces that may be considered hostile and engaged:

United States Army

United States Navy

United States Air Force

United States Marine Corps

United States Coast Guard

# The following groups and organizations have been identified as paramilitary forces that may be considered hostile and engaged:

United States Reserve Forces

United States SWAT units

State Police Forces

National Security Agency (NSA) Operatives

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Operatives

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Operatives

Blackwater Operatives

# Former President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, their Neoconservative lieutenants, key associates and supporters had originally been designated as a declared hostile force. After the confession of their sins with the minimal use of water boarding, their status as a declared hostile force, however, is suspended and such individuals will not be engaged except in special circumstances and in self-defense. (FE: Special circumstances here mean being present within the geographical confines of United States of America)

KINETIC STRIKE AUTHORIZATION. # There are four categories of strike approval/authorization: (1) Troops in Contact (2) Preplanned; (3) Fleeting; (4) Time-Sensitive Targets; and (5) Any strike/authorization not covered by the first four categories.

# Approval authority to strike preplanned targets, whether persons or objects, is determined by the type of preplanned target and the level of collateral damage expected. There are six types of preplanned target sets: (1) Non-military elements of former regime command and control and associated facilities, (2) WMD storage facilities, (3) American infrastructure and economic objects, (4) American lines of communication, (5) Terrorists, (6) Facilities (associated with Designated Terrorists or Declared Hostile Forces) and (7) Any targets not covered by the first six types.

# While Commander VENTCOM has approval authority to strike the first four types of targets, the authority to hit target types 5, 6 and 7 has been delegated to Division Commanders who may further delegate it to Unit Commanders. Unit Commanders may delegate this authority down to the On-Scene Commander (OSC) who may further assign it to the Soldier in Charge of his gun on a case-by-case basis (FE: ‘case-by-case basis’ here means ‘in all cases’).

RIOT CONTROL MEASURES. # Riot Control Measures will be used in response to civil disturbances according to these ROE. Chemical agents may only be used in limited circumstances and postures (VENTCOM at this time cannot define ‘limited circumstances and postures’).

# Graduated force should be used when the situation permits and it is reasonable and practicable to do so. The use of force should be necessary, proportional, and reasonable in intensity, duration, and magnitude (FE: e.g. VENTCOM considers the words ‘necessary’, ‘proportional’, ‘reasonable’, ‘intensity’, ‘duration’, and ‘magnitude’ as mere expressions of English language and not to be taken too seriously. All concerned to note).

# Since each threat situation is unique, a graduated response may use all or only some of the available force and may have to progress directly to the use of deadly force when faced with an imminent threat of death or serious injury (FE: VICFORs will deem to be faced with imminent threat of death or injury for the duration of occupation of America).

CHURCH OPERATIONS. Commanders must consider political and cultural sensitivities when planning and executing operations that impact upon religious property. Time permitting, and consistent with mission accomplishment, commanders should make every effort to coordinate and conduct church operations with former American Forces who have joined up with VICFORs (FE: Time never permits and VENTCOM understands).

RETURNING FIRE INTO A CHURCH OR OTHER RELIGIOUS STRUCTURES DURING SELF-DEFENSE. The OSC is the approval authority for all counter battery and reactive fire, including all organic and non-organic weapons systems, rotary and fixed wing aircraft (FE: Naval armada, including nuclear submarines, will only be used in coastal areas and are not to be taken in land via aqueducts).

ENTRY AND SEARCH OF CHURCHES OR OTHER RELIGIOUS STRUCTURES. There are four requirements to enter and search a church or other religious structure during self-defense:

The OSC has a reasonable belief that the target contains enemy forces, individuals assisting enemy forces, weapons, ammunition, important information, or any materials, equipment or contraband that may be used by enemy forces during hostilities and any requirement not covered by the first three (FE: The 4th requirement will always be considered as ‘the requirement’. The first three are given expressly for educational grooming of the VICFORs)

PREPLANNED KINETIC STRIKES AGAINST STRUCTURES DEDICATED TO RELIGIOUS PURPOSES. Commander VENTCOM must approve any preplanned kinetic engagements of religious buildings or churches.( FE: VENTCOM, as a matter of policy, never disapproves of such engagements)

DETENTION OF PRIESTS OR CLERICS ON CHURCH PROPERTY. In order to detain a priest or a cleric on church property, the detention must be based on one of the following four criteria. The priest or a cleric (1) is or was engaged in criminal activity; (2) is interfering or has interfered with mission accomplishment; (3) is on a list of persons wanted for questioning for criminal or security threat actions; or (4) detention is necessary for imperative reasons of security. Priests or clerics may not be detained on church property if the only basis for detention is making prohibited statements, distributing prohibited material in violation of VICFORs Order-xxx or making statements inciting violence. (FE: VENTCOM knows of no priest or cleric inside the geographical confines of the United States of America who does not fall into one of the four described criteria)

USE OF FORCE. If individuals pose a threat to VICFORs by committing a hostile act or demonstrating hostile intent, VICFORs may use force, up to and including deadly force, to eliminate the threat. When time and circumstances permit, use the following sequence of graduated measures of force when responding to hostile act or hostile intent:

1. Shout verbal warnings to halt;

2. Show your weapon and demonstrate intent to use it;

3. Physically restrain, block access, or detain;

4. Fire a warning shot (if authorized);

5. Shoot to eliminate the threat.

(FE: VENTCOM does not consider the frequent use of ‘sequence of graduated measures of force’ in reverse order as unusual because time and circumstances usually do not permit)

DETENTION OF CIVILIANS. VICFORs personnel may stop, detain and search civilians when there is a reasonable belief that the person falls into one of the following categories: (1) are or were engaged in criminal activity; (2) interfere with mission accomplishment; (3) are on a list of persons wanted for questioning for criminal or security threat actions; or (4) detention is necessary for imperative reasons of security. These prerequisites do not limit the inherent right of self-defense. VICFORs may always use force, up to and including deadly force, to neutralize and/or detain individuals who commit hostile acts or exhibit hostile intent against VICFORs.

(FE-1: Having the world’s highest concentration of its own citizens behind bars at any given time before the occupation, all Americans are deemed to have engaged in criminal activities.)

(FE-2: To help Americans understand their current situation, carrying the ‘Rules of Transition to the new World Order’ on their persons at all times has been made mandatory via VICFORs Order-xxix. The VICFORs have only to explain to them the irony of their current situation.)

(FE-3: Any serious violation of the ROE, e.g. killing, maiming or raping more than 30 unarmed Americans at any one time, will be severely dealt with by a sharp rap over all the knuckles of the violators.)

(FE-4: When in doubt, empty the magazine.)


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