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Muslims awareness on Saddam Issue

05 February, 2007

By Tanveer Jafri

Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussain was hanged on Eid-Ul-Zuha day, for his inhuman act of massacre of 148 Shiites in Dujail. Immediately after hanging, Iraqi television telecasted the scenes relating to Saddam Hussain, that lead him to the gallows & the scenes of his being hanged. In these scenes, the pictures were moving but there was no sound. After some hours of this telecast another video film was shown on some selected websites. It was told that a guard present there had taken this video film through his mobile camera. In this second video film, there was a horrible scene of the hanging of Saddam & along with it there was a clear sound of conversation that took place between the guard present there & Saddam Hussain.

As it is clear & being seen that since the last fourteen hundred years, there have been historical differences between the Shiites & the Sunnies, just to keep alive their different existence. These differences are so deep that in some countries, there are violent conflicts between these two sects. America has tried to deepen this ditch between Shiites & the Sunnies by hanging Saddam on the basis of Dujail Shiites massacre. In connection with Dujail massacre, from the so called Iraqi court, there was news that during the hearing, Saddam Hussain had used foul language for Hazrat Abbas, who was son of Prophet Ali. Along this, there was also news that because Saddam Hussain used foul language against Hazrat Abbas, a Iraqi Shia clerk present in that court couldn't tolerate it & beat Saddam Hussain then & there. The surprising aspect of this news is that the judge in this court denied this happening. Does it not show that such telecasts are done only to increase the gap between the Shiites & the Sunnies? What was the need of hanging Saddam Hussain on the Baqr-eid day? But by getting hanged Saddam Hussain on the day of Baqr-eid, America laid a plot. Baqr-eid is a festival of the Muslims as on this day, the Muslims of all sects try to reach Madeena. Among them, the people of the Shia & the Sunni sects perform the Hajj rites al together. It was a great plot laid by America to make the holy day, bloody day, by allowing the Shiites & the Sunnies to fight & to shed blood on the pious soil of Madeena.

But the Muslims who were taking part in Hajj ceremony judged it & were not incited. When the first video issued by the government could not succeed in arousing the conflict between the Shiites & the Sunnies, then after some hours, the second controversial video film reached on the mobile phones of lacs of people that were taking part in the Hajj ceremony. Undoubtedly this was the film that was being said that it had been prepared by an Iraqi guard secretly. This was a very horrible film & there were sounds which could easily add fuel to the fire of the Shiite & the Sunni controversy.

In this controversial video film there were slogans being raised in favour of Shia Iraqi leader Muqtda al sadr, saying Muqtda al sadr Zindabad. These slogans were being heard at that time when Saddam Hussain was being taken towards the place of hanging. After that there were collective voices that were heard saying- '*Allahumma Salle Ala Mohammadin wa Aale Mohammad.'* These words commonly used by the Shia sect means- we send salutes for Allah, for Mohammad & for their descendents. This is a separate topic whether this salute was sent or not while Saddam was hanged but at the moments of hanging, there was a voice coming from the place of hanging. The Iraqi government ordered for higher level enquiry of this video film & some arrests were there. But do these incidents not seem to be a part of a deep conspiracy? Can it be imagined that a person can carry his mobile camera to a sensitive place like the place of hanging? A message by this video film is being very clearly conveyed that the Shia people were celebrating when Saddam was being insulted & hanged.

It was being shown in this controversial film that Saddam Hussain was reading *Kalma*. These words were very horrible as Saddam couldn't complete his *Kalma* words & all of a sudden he was hanged. It was also tried to give a message by this scene that a Sunni Muslim Arab dictator was reading a *Kalma* for Allah & Prophet Mohammad even when he was being hanged. Undoubtedly this incident was shown only to incite the Sunni people. But not only the Muslims present for Hajj but all the Muslims looked at this scene carefully & understood the plot laid by America under it. As a result of it there was brotherhood & harmony during Hajj & even there were no Shia Sunni riots in any part of the world. It was being hoped that Iraq will face the civil war after the hanging of Saddam Hussain. But only routine incidents happened there & nothing more that can be called the happening as the result of revenge.

In fact, the elite group of the Muslims in the world, of which there are a large group of the Sunnies too, very well understand it that the punishment given to Saddam is the result of crimes committed by him. He is also responsible for his hanging & also for the presence of the American soldiers in Iraq. It is against the principles of brotherhood, love, peace & harmony prevalent in Islam, for considering Saddam a hero as a Muslim ruler. Which leader or religious guru put his sons in law to death & considered ideal in the Islam? That cruel ruler was Saddam. The nails of hands of alive Iraqi leader Baaqar-al- Saddar were drawn from the hands, that too only when Saddam wanted to get it done. His son was beheaded & his

head was placed in a plate before him at the time when he was saying prayers. His sister who was a great scholar herself, her chastity was spoiled, & was physically tortured & killed in a cruel manner. Every crime of Saddam was so ferocious that he can be hanged for each crime. Saddam threw cannon balls on the historical building at the Muslim's pious religious place of Karbala. There was prohibition order for going on Karbalajourney for all the Muslims of the world & for the local people of Iraq.

Anyhow Saddam has been punished for the crimes he did. But in the pretext of Saddam, the effort that America is doing again & again to incite the Shia-Sunni controversy has been very well understood by the Muslim world. It should be hoped that in future also the Muslim world will answer such American plots after understanding it with tolerance.


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