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Tuesday Feb 7, 2023, Rajab 16, 1444 Hijri

I didn't do it!

09 August, 2005

By Ahmer Muzammil

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I swear to you, I donít know any of those bombers, none of them were related to me, I donít agree with their philosophy so stop expecting an apology from me. I am not going to be intimidated nor am I going to be ashamed of my religion. Just like a vast majority of Christians are not related to Hitler, Timothy Mcveigh, Jeffry Dahmer, Malosowich etc. etc. etc. and therefore shouldnít be hold accountable for their crimes, just as not all Hindus agree with narendra modi and RSS and the barbaric genocide of Muslims in Gujarat and Kashmir and therefore shouldnít be held hostage for their crimes, with the same token I donít agree with Osama Bin Laden, I have never financially supported any of his causes, I have never patted him on his back for the job well done(Can the American establishment say the same?) so stop harassing us and leave us alone.

Its mind numbing, I donít understand it, someone needs to explain to me that how any of this is the doing of the Muslim majority. We the Muslims are hostage in our own countries to the despots and puppet rulers that have been placed on us by the Americans and the west. We have no say in what goes on in our countries. One day the same people, the same maddarssas are glorified in the west. Millions of dollars are awarded by the CIA and other western agencies to these groups so they can prepare for "Jihad" against the Russians. They did that, they were trained to fight, thatís what they know. Now all of a sudden poof they should all just go away and change their ways and start shaking it to "Brittany Spears"Ö they should be automatically "enlightly moderated"(its not even a word)now that YOU said so, after all its just a switch, turn on, you got a "Mujahid" fighting against Russains, turn it off, now he is a PHD professor, teaching Liberal Sciences at the University of Peshawar. Itís that simple, right? Are you all hallucinated?

We are dealing with human beings here. Once you teach & encourage them to kill, thatís what theyíll do and they wonít stop. You know why? BECAUSE THATíS ALL YOU TAUGHT THEM.. We the "Majority" Muslims never have a say in anything. Its YOU who tell us who our rulers should be. Itís YOU who supported Saddam in his tyranny. Its YOU who give 2 billion dollars every year to Israel, so it can bomb the life out of these unarmed Palestinians. Its YOU who support the dictators in Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, < B style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal">Pakistan, etc. So now that the shit bag has hit the fan, donít come demonizing me. I donít have anything to do with this because my hands were tied then; I wasnít the decision maker then and I sure am not calling the shots now.

I am sick of people expecting me to explain the crimes of 7/7 and 9/11. Why should I? How should I? Would you like it if I asked you, why were the car bombings happening in Ireland? Can you answer me, why were the millions had to die in Japan and Vietnam and South Korea and Iraq and Afghanistan, should I go on? Do you have an explanation and more importantly did you have a say in it. And if you didnít, what makes you think that all su icide bombings are first approved by me and the millions of other Muslims like me before they happen. All I can offer is my heartfelt sympathies and maybe some insight as to what we might do to make this world a better place. But YOU donít want that, do YOU? That annoys YOU. YOU donít care about my suggestions or my sincere advice. What the hell do I know? YOU got it figured out all, YOU donít need me to tell you how to fix it, you just need me to say "I am sorry" and look scared and intimidated. Well guess what? I am not apologizing because itís not my fault! I am not sorry for being a Muslim, I will not be called unpatriotic for being a proud American who opposes the war and the atrocities of my government all over the world. I will show my discontent in a civil democratic way within the boundaries of the law, so things can change for better, because I am an optimist, I know that there is a 80 year old retired school teacher in Florida who unselfishly went to Iraq to become a hu man shield in order to protest the war and I have faith in the vast majority of my decent American country folk that in very near future they will realize that our government have lied to us and our American govt. have ravaged the people of Iraq and Afghanistan and Palestine in our name. That needs to stop, and God willing it will. And when it does, world will be a better place to live for all of us. GOD BLESS THE WORLD.


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